You already have what’s needed to leverage the power of AI: your expertise and data. Work with Commotion AI to unlock this hidden value, and define a strategy for designing on-brand AI.

  • AI Prototyping, Design Process, Workflows – Better, faster, lower-cost outcomes
  • Animistic Design – Unique approach that helps people understand smart systems
  • Strategy & Ethics – Define how AI fits into your brand, values and mission
  • Foresight – Make your plans adapt to the emerging future
  • Training, Workshops – Make your staff and management more effective

Other areas of expertise:

  • Edge Computing/sensors/actuators – Deploy AI + IoT (AIoT), save costs
  • Tools for design – Adopt (or develop) the best tools for your process (see our Delft AI Toolkit, article about it in ACM Interactions)
  • Discover new tech opportunities – Develop creative and valuable ways of applying new technologies

How can AI be applied?

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