The New Ecology of Things publication is a research initiative to explore emerging forms of interactive communication brought about by pervasive networks, low cost sensors, and computational capabilities in every object and space. The project began as a studio class hosted by ArtCenter’s Media Design Practices MFA program, and has evolved into a conceptual model, a forum for discussion, and ongoing series of projects and courses, technological inventions, new issues for pedagogy, and a publication.

As part of the effort, several of us collaborated in creating a transmedia publication that included a book, website, poster and mobile phone content that address the design and educational issues related to ubiquitous computing. The publication is an ecology of essays, and a glossary, forum, interactive works, video, and a short story by Bruce Sterling.

I was a lead co-author, contributing two essays including the key Models section of the website and book that lays out the conceptual foundation for The New Ecology of Things. I also designed and developed the /words/ interactive feature, worked with Anne Burdick on the design and implementation of the website, and implemented the mobile parts of the project.

PDF of the Models Chapter Phil wrote

The book is available here: The New Ecology of Things (NET), or contact us directly for a copy.