Commotion helps creative teams imagine, prototype, and realize more dynamic and creative interactions, products, ecosystems, and experiences with AI

  • Text and voice chatbots
  • Machine vision
  • Creative retail & exhibition installations
  • Natural language understanding
  • Smart home applications

We envision a new future of Animistic Intelligence, creating rich ecologies full of diverse POVs - We believe in taking a different approach to AI - More poetic, humble, and ethical, using AI to create multiple perspectives for evocative and open outcomes

We offer creative approaches that enhance your capacity to develop new directions with technology

What We Do
What We Do

We help creative teams evolve at the pace of technology

Technologies like AI have new affordances, limits, ethical implications, and unpredictable outcomes: to work with them, we need provocative new visions, tools and methods that keep pace

Too often, AI is applied in a purely solutions oriented manner, missing out on its creative potential. But as technologies evolve, design must also evolve: experimenting, critically evaluating, and challenging conventions. Led by exploration and inquiry, and informed by our 30 years pushing the boundaries of interaction  into new territories, Commotion can unlock the hidden value of your data and expertise through AI in ways that others can’t. 


We work across industries: from marketing, to transportation, to government, to architecture, to product design and beyond


Tools like our Delft AI Toolkit enable designers to think through making by sketching prototypes, critically reflecting, and producing new product visions


We'll help you define a strategy for AI that aligns with your brand, values, and mission


Adapt your plans to emerging technology and media futures


Equip your creatives, staff, and management with the right expertise to take advantage of AI.


Develop creative,  valuable, unexpected ways of applying new technologies

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Still thinking about @philvanallen's new, great #AI-for-#UX-designers toolkit:… (think: Lego Mindstorms for AI w/wizard of Oz puppeting as a key component of the workflow)

As designers move from the #design of individual things to complex ecologies of smart things, some older conceptions that influenced the development of #AI may have renewed relevance @mikekuniavsky, @xeeliz and @philvanallen detail in @interactionsMag

Interactions Magazine

“One of the things we have to think about designing for AI is people’s perceptions of AI (i.e. Smart. Social Inuitive. Alive.) In fact, AI is quite dumb. It’s the exact opposite of what people think it is (i.e. One POV. Not alive. Awkward. Very limited.).” @philvanallen #dwpdx

Artificial Intelligence: “It has to be a designed artifact not just a tech artifact.” @philvanallen Thank you @JLRIncubator for the discussion as part of @DesignWeekPDX.

Animistic Intelligence

Our work is influenced by over 30 years of innovation and research

Delft AI Toolkit Robot


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